Slip On By

album: colabs
genre: Ballad
streams: 20

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slip on by I'm not gonna walk bynot gonna let it slip and pass me bywon't give it a tryI know it will haunt me till I diea cold and lonely manno one to hold...
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Joseph Rodriguez wrote the music here and i did the vocals and lyrics. His magic is unmatched!
Slip On By
04/15/18 10:51:45PM @moquinn:
love this song ~ it touches my heart
& note to @ray-brookes: ~ there is a place on each artists page where you can send them an email ~ & hopefully they have it linked with their private email account ~ in which case they may see it...just sayin

Ray Brookes
10/06/17 03:26:36PM @ray-brookes:
Hey, Rich; how you doing?

Just thought I'd drop you a quick line to say hi and Happy Birthday (only reason I remember your birthday is because it's the same day as mine … 6th October) I've now turned 63 so my age has caught up with my IQ rating LOL

How is the writing? I've missed hearing your songs on MP3U as have virtually everybody else on that site. I sought of flitted about several different sites such as Broadjam, Bandcamp, Reverbnation, Mixposure and Christ knows where else but I always seem to gravitate back to MP3U for some reason despite all its weirdness and peccadilloes.

Anyhow, drop me a line if you get chance and let me know how you're doing. I tried emailing you but your address must've changed since I wrote last.



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