secret dreams

album: colabs
genre: Acoustic
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there he sits this eveningI can read what's in his headI can see he's uneasyit should be me insteada shakey hand presses to the stringsand something like a...
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Terry Wigmore and lodato. The days of just a cello and classical guitar. Stage fright is a real scary thing. Especially when you witness someone else...
secret dreams
Barefoot Music
10/12/18 07:31:06AM @barefoot-music-group:
Tears Rich...this really strikes home. Awesome wordsmithing enhanced by your "rich" vocals. (Couldn't resist adding to Bowes pun)
10/07/18 10:15:11PM @moquinn:
sometimes I am not really good with words (& sometimes I am) today is not one of the better days ~ so, I will just say I love your song & have never met a Rich Lodato song that I have not liked ~ congrats to Rich & Terry on a great collab
carol sue
09/30/18 08:04:19PM @carol-sue:
When I see that you have shared a new song...
well, I just know even before listening it is going to be great!
Love this collaboration from you and Terry!!

Farrell Jackson
09/30/18 10:39:09AM @farrell-jackson:
The acoustic separation of the top and the bottom strings of your guitar is incredible. It gives off such a full sound covering the entire spectrum of the stereo field. Nice playing and singing. Stage fright: I think we've all experienced that to some degree in our lives. Whether it was ourselves or we witnessed it. Nevertheless the feeling is so uncomfortable that it can become debilitating. Having supportive friends helps to over come it. Well done Rich!

09/30/18 08:44:03AM @ronbowes:
Rich by name and rich by nature. You always manage to get the rich sound on the guitars. A subject I once wrote music for, but turned into something else. Super job Rich.


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