Invisible man

album: 2nd life
genre: acoustic modern
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  Song Lyrics
never wanna gonever wanna go I am the invisible manNo one knows who I amI once had a lot of friendsBut they all made it to the end I have made my share of...
  Song Information
written about a man who lost everyone he'd ever know and love in his world
Invisible man
02/28/21 05:45:10AM @lodato:
Wow Moe! Your comments warmed me. I wish I could say this was new but was recorded eleven years ago. I bring it out for some breathing room from time to time. ❤️
02/27/21 10:32:55PM @moquinn:
Rich, what a wonderful production....as your words above say....written about a man who lost everyone he'd ever known and loved in his world.....I know how this feels....from my family....all the elders in my family are gone...I am the remaining elder...to my friends along the way who have drifted apart.....I reach out...but....
glad to hear new music from you...this one touches my heart, as many of your songs do.....from your soulful voice....sung from your heart....& accompanied by your beautiful music.....
not very tech talk...but, also expressed from my heart....& I love your purple art

02/24/21 10:00:59AM @lodato:
Thank you Carol-Sue. This was recorded 12 years ago. It’s the only “to the point” song I let out about the loss of a forgotten generation.
carol sue
02/24/21 08:22:34AM @carol-sue:
»»--(¯`v´¯)=>> Visibly heartfelt.
A beautiful creation, my very talented friend. *****


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