Mark Neuhart
Mark Neuhart

The AD Suicide HOTline with Mark and Lisa

Category: Music
Duration: 00:12:40
After Dark Suicide HOT line
Dedicated to: The Men and Women of MissionZulu21 and Robin Williams R.I.P.
A Parody based on real life experiences by Mark Neuhart
A different kind of Suicide prevention. Humor/Love/Emotion
A Video by: DammiitMannProductions
Music by: Jack Prybylski ~ Gloria Estfan/Walfredo Reyes Jr.
Images by: Sara Kay Ltd
Love provided by: Mark and Lisa Love Thy Matchmaker
Sponsored by: Wendy Lane The Sexy Chef "HOT Sauce"
copyright 2k16
#LoveThyMatchMaker Lisa Sue
11/23/16 11:18:19PM @lovethymm:

WOW! The Outpouring of Love and Response has touched my heart! I Thank Each and Every one of Our Listeners!! YOU ROCK!!! Mark & I are dedicated to bring awareness to Suicide prevention, information and supporting our VETS thru Humor, Love & of course some KickASS Music! I want to thank "TheBabys" also, and I am so stoked about their comeback and Marks interview was amazing!! Please visit Facebook And "LIKE" and Share our pages The Austin Stone Players. You Can Visit Me On & On Twitter - @LoveThyMM   I Believe Everyday should be 'Support Our Military Day!' Thank You to All Our Brave Men & Women Who Protect & Serve This Great Country~Words Are Not Enough..Thank You! God Bless & Thank You All For Listening & Spreading The Word!! I LOVE YOU ALL xoxo Much Love !!! #LoveThyMatchMaker xoxo

~Lisa Sue xo


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