First Christmas Is Near ( Baby's Lullaby)

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Lyrics: FIRST CHRISTMAS IS NEAR (BABY'S LULLABY) Hush a bye babyFirst Christmas is nearI'll rock you to CarolsDream music you'll hearFaraway dreamingGo...
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It is with great joy, that I present to you a beautiful Christmas Lullaby, written by my dear friend, one of the greatest poetess ever, Demelia Denton, in...
First Christmas Is Near ( Baby's Lullaby)
12/07/13 05:01:44PM @piyali:
Dear great-great-great-grandson of Ebenezer Scrooge,

Thank you for the wide smile that now stretches from ear to ear on my face upon reading your words. :-)

I am at a loss for words, and hence cannot explain to you that liquid that wells up in your left eye and blurs the other. Thank you from my heart for this genuine comment. :-)

I myself do not believe in Christmas quite the way many do. Do not believe in angels, nor in fairies, none of it. :-)

However this is a tender song from a parents heart to his/her baby's, a song that sings of a world that still retains some hope of warmth and love...precious gifts or presents that are becoming extinct in our world day by day.

Someday, I wish to sing lullabies that shares beautiful stories of it's ancestors in the stars, lullabies that evoke in their psyche memories of who they really are, etc....someday I will sing them. :-)

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my page and giving my songs a listen. Have a great productive Now. :-)

Blue Period Blues
12/07/13 05:51:09AM @ramperampe:

I'm the great-great-great-grandson of Ebenezer Scrooge
I despise the phoniness of that evil commercial tear-jerking concoction known as Xm^$*

I'm armored ....equipped to the teeth with the latest gear against the risible ghosts of all Xmases past.

So please explain...what is that liquid that wells up in my left eye.And blurs the other ?

Surely not the warmth that's coming from this little ditty that seems to engulf and overwhelm me...?

Great-great-great-grandfather will not be proud of me...

Starts sobbing,breaks down and is carried offstage on a Xmas tree.


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