The Beast Of The City

album: Collaboration (Original)
genre: Medieval/Classical
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The Beast Of The City His is the blackestOf gifts to be givenHe holds with no guilt No sins to be shrivenHe slouches, he crouchesOn dank city...
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Dear Friends, Once again, it is with great joy that I share with you a new collaboration, with two new wonderful very gifted friends: Billy Playle and Donna...
The Beast Of The City
12/13/18 08:45:03PM @tlt50:
Piyali, this is brilliant, some sweet production going on. Your two new friends are incredible. Well done Donna and Billy. Loved the orchestration and the changes. Once again your vocals are truly amazing. This is a sonic delight.....thanks for sharing this. :) *****

Larry T

12/11/18 06:49:07PM @piyali:

Thank you everyone, so very much, for taking the time to listen, to leave me such warm wonderful encouraging comments. Makes me want to sing better and better. :) It's a joy to share my songs and songs in collaboration with fabulous artists with all of you, you who are all such superb brilliant artists yourselves. Thank you again with all my heart! :)

12/08/18 09:49:47AM @lorne-reid:
Soaring vocals and fabulous arrangement!!! Thanks for sharing.
03/29/14 09:53:53AM @the-truevulgarians:
Wow, what powerful singing by our girl Piyali! Very ambitious song with a definite Broadway vibe... can see this one being played out on a stage... move over Phantom of the Opera... just excellent!
03/27/14 10:26:30PM @gene-smith:
Well, this just a piece of awesome! VERY, VERY nice, this could be a movie soundtrack. Well done Piyali, Donna, and Billy!
Farrell Jackson
03/27/14 04:31:10PM @farrell-jackson:
Excellent vocal work Piyali! Wow what a huge musical production....intriguing story and you present it perfectly Piya!


03/27/14 02:15:03PM @david-c-deal:
Piyali, Donna, Billy.. I so enjoyed this production. It's great to hear a complex arrangement come off so well. Piyali, your vocals are just perfect for this song.


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