Ron Kauffman
Ron Kauffman

Facing My Memories

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" Facing My Memories"   Last night I bought a case of Jack Daniels woke up this mornin' glued to the floor the hangover that I'm dealing with now won't keep...
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     Recently, the daughter of some very close friends was killed by a drunk driver. I got to thinking about what I'd do and feel, though I don't drink, if I...
Facing My Memories
Barefoot Music
06/04/18 11:35:37AM @barefoot-music-group:
This is a story of deep regret. Ron you and I have talked about this at length, and you know I believe that you write with such genuineness and raw emotion that this kicks in the gut. That's a GOOD thing.
Ron I especially love your songs that bring up serious social issues we all face, it opens the door for dialogue.

Farrell Jackson
06/03/18 02:44:10PM @farrell-jackson:
Ron, a sad part of reality that happens way too often. If you drink don't drive call uber or lyft. A fine song that coveys the other side of a disaster like this.
06/03/18 09:23:42AM @lodato:
The darker side of memories. Thoughtful lyrics accompanied by a pat on the back that’s says, you’re not alone. Lovely.
06/01/18 06:50:29PM @ron-kauffman:
Thank you's something I felt needed to be written and it's great to know it's being recieved well.
06/01/18 05:52:27PM @wricky:
The info on this song puts the context in place for this straight-forward delivery of such a traumatic event that has affected most people one way or another. Well done


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