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The TrueVulgarians
The TrueVulgarians

Just wanted to take a moment to express my appreiciation for the availability of as a gathering place for independent musicians across the globe.  Having been associated with the site for almost a year and a half now, I have developed a deep apprciation for the many talented and dedicated musicians and singers, who without such a place may well have toiled in relative obscurity.  My sister and I had never attempted to enter the independent music scene before discovering Mixposure and our music was only known to a relatively small number of family and friends.  We didn't even try to publicize our material on social networks.  We were quite content to simply entertain ourselves.  (Hell, I never uploaded or even emailed an MP3 to anyone before coming here... lol)  As the main driver of our songs and material, it never even occurred to me that associating ourselves with other independent artists would not only expose us to so many wonderful people, but a supportive assembly of like-minded artists who wanted nothing more than to offer their help, encouragement and expertise. 

That we would eventually collaborate with artists of the caliber of Lyrical Princess, Joseph Rodriquez, Scotswolfe, Abysss and David C. Deal, has been a tremendous experience and has allowed our music to gain acceptance. The simple reason for this is that their added talent has made every one of those songs better.  This has made a tremendous impact on our music and how we view the entire process.  I can't help but applaud the efforts of Todd, "Mr. Mixposure", who has maintained and constantly improved the site without any thought of actually making a profit and the legion of DJ's, both past and present, who volunteer their time and effort to get independent material out there for the masses.  Just think of the contribution of JimAE, DaddyRabbit, Vig Wig, the Metal Master, Michael Stone, Bubba Reaves, Doug Dickens and The Barefoot Baroness  Those of you who regularly listen to their radio shows know full well that these entertaining webcasts aren't just thrown together, but take a lot of time and effort.  And to a man (and woman), these people have only one agenda; to promote and help the independent artist make their music known.  Please excuse the length of this blog, but imho, it's more than appropriate to give credit where credit is due and, from time to time, let people know that what they do is truly appreciated.  The TrueVulgarians thank all of you and look forward to many more years here at and Mixstream Radio...


Bill Thompson

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TrueVulgarians Thank You

By truevulgarian, 2014-07-01

My sister and I would like to thank for our selection as Artist of the Month.  Being here at Mixposure has been a terrific experience and made possible our participation in multiple collaborations with some of the finest independent artists.  Our recent collab with David C. Deal on the song, "A Voice in the Distance" (SameSongTitleMadness entry) was a special opportunity to have someone with true musicianship and production talent expand upon one of our simple tunes, making something greater than we could have imagined.  David desires major credit for his contribution on that song.  We are absolutely grateful to have a place such as this to share our music and meet wonderful and like-minded people.  This award will serve to make us strive to create better songs in the future.  For us, the music is all about having fun and hopefully connecting with people.  That's truly been our only goal...

Bill Thompson

The TrueVulgarians

We are pleased to announce the release of our entry in the "Same Song Title Madness" project.   As you know, all songs entered are entitled, "A Voice in the Distance".  This is our first collaboration with master musician/keyboardist, arranger and producer, David C. Deal and we hope the first of many to come.  Lyrics by William Thompson who sang lead vocal and played acoustic guitar.  Music by William Thompson and David C. Deal who composed and arranged all orchestration on the song.  Mixed and mastered by David C. Deal.  Back-up vocals by Jacki Grapentine. Rock Song Award 2013

By truevulgarian, 2014-05-15 Rock Song Award 2013

Just received our Rock Award 2013 trophy for our song "Easy Way Out".  Again, The TrueVulgarians would like to extent our thanks to Scotswolfe for providing the orchestration and our fans whose votes made this possible.  Also our thanks to Mixposure for sponsoring the contest.  We're very proud to have won given all the wonderful songs uploaded here during 2013!

Here Comes Peter Cotttontail...

By truevulgarian, 2014-04-18
Here Comes Peter Cotttontail...

Just wanted to extend a Happy Easter greeting to all my friends and fans here at Mixposure!  Hope everyone finds their Easter basket!   

"The Man Inside of Me" by the TrueVulgarians

By truevulgarian, 2014-04-05

The TrueVulgarians are pleased to announce the release of their latest song, "The Man Inside of Me".  It's an introspective journey by a singer/songwriter who's just tryin' to figure it all out.  (Good luck with that!)   Hope you guys all enjoy it!


A "Chance Encounter" with The TrueVulgarians

By truevulgarian, 2014-03-03

The TrueVulgarians are pleased to announce the release their newest song, "Chance Encouter", a tune about love at first sight and the serendipity of the unexpected encounter  Words and music by Bill Thompson who played acoustic guitar and sang lead vocal.  Jacki Grapentine on back-up vocals.  This song was mixed and mastered by Abysss who so graciously offered his talent and expertise.  Check it out on our artist's page! 

How Come?

By truevulgarian, 2014-01-29

The TrueVulgarians are pleased to announce the release of a new collaborative effort by us and the incomparable Scotswolfe entitled "How Come?"  Words and music by Bill Thompson.  Lead vocals and acoustic guitar - Bill Thompson  Back-up vocals by Jacki Grapentine.  Scotswolfe provided all other instrumentation and production work on this song.  Certainly the most ambitious tune in our collection of songs.  Hope you enjoy it!

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