tony cee
tony cee

dance allnight

album: rain
genre: blues soul
streams: 14

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dance allnight
08/25/20 11:21:38AM @lorne-reid:
Caught this one last night on Ron's show. Great groove and full of nice instrumental punctuation. Dig the horns!
carol sue
08/24/20 05:08:38AM @carol-sue:
Refreshing song, Tony!
You always create fine music to my ears.
Bravo~ I love it! *****

Farrell Jackson
08/23/20 10:04:26PM @farrell-jackson:
A cool song Tony! I dig the strummed rhythm guitar style and the chords you're using are excellent. The backing singers are right in my wheel house....nice work!
08/23/20 05:19:44PM @ronbowes:
Great track Tony. Got that typical Tony Cee sound. Nixce 'n' brisk ;-)


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