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Site Upgrades

By Admin, 2009-11-27

First of all thanks for putting up with our site construction. For the new signups, we really do apologize. Usually this site runs pretty clean but since we are now redoing the layout, you will probably run into some snags. We have a lot of work to do and a lot of the old code to bring over as well.

For the most part, the site is the same as the old with some changes here and there. Wth the old layout, we were told that it seemed cluttered with all of the blogs posted on the main page. All the blogs are still there on the main page but with a header and a link instead of the full text. I think this functions as a much cleaner page now.

Many of the features that you may not see now will be added back in. If there is something specific we are missing, please post it in the forum and I will try and get it added asap.

We created the Temporary forum here to track any bugs you see. I know there are a lot of bugs out there still that I need to fix but feel free to post anything you see. It is a great way for me to prioritize lol.

Thanks for your patience!

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