Animal Souls
Animal Souls
Animal Souls

Tell Me Why

album: Wisdom of Crowds
genre: Indie Rock-Pop
streams: 31

Tell Me Why
10/19/22 08:06:51AM @shane:
sounds enigmatic - want to hear more - the acoustic / nylon string guitar feature works marvellous.
07/27/22 04:11:16PM @bustert:
Fine production: Great Song
Super Distorter
07/27/22 11:38:02AM @super-distorter:
You know me my friend, I'm biased towards this being my favorite track.
Love it

06/20/22 12:22:10PM @gabriel-sabadi:
Awseome tune bud. Digging the groove and great production. Thumbs up my friend!
06/15/22 02:17:33AM @lodato:
Wow! Gr8 song! Love all the creative segues. The sounds are so pleasing and musical.


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