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YoU TuRn Me - Ft. Josephrodz

album: Josephrodz + Carol Sue
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
streams: 165
creation date: 2018-01-03

  Song Lyrics
YoU TuRn MeWho do you think I am a songwriter with a cause  Who do you think I'll become     just a name, oh~ just a face in the crowd  Turn me upside down...
  Song Information
YoU TuRn Me Song by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick - Music, lyrics + vocals.     Featuring the honorable Joseph Rodriguez with his music rendition,      and all...
YoU TuRn Me - Ft. Josephrodz
09/21/20 10:23:36PM @moequinn:
you revived this gem from 2018 ~ works for me
great collaboration @carol-sue & @josephrodz

09/21/20 05:23:49PM @lorne-reid:
cool track. Have not heard before. Well done Carol and Joseph. Classic easy listening sound with a solid chorus.
carol sue
07/09/18 09:47:01AM @carol-sue:
Going through some of the music shared..
It's been a while, but thank you all very much
for listening!

02/21/18 06:39:24AM @phillipfoxley:
Excellent guitar tone and plenty of 'space' in the song. A really good listen.
02/16/18 11:37:08AM @hooker-green:
It really rocks. Like especially the first part only with voice and guitar. Great arrangement ,like how you realize your musical idea.
Congrats from H.G.

02/05/18 11:14:19AM @jerrywillard:
Sweet song! Great mix keep rocking!
carol sue
01/19/18 11:00:49AM @carol-sue:
AwoooOoooo~ thank you all so much!
01/16/18 07:43:23PM @tlt50:
A very awesome rockin' tune Carol Sue and J-Bro. Great lyrics, vocals, and harmonies.Outstanding music and production.. ***** AwwwOooooooooo *U2* :) !~!

Larry T

Farrell Jackson
01/04/18 11:19:24AM @farrell-jackson:
A cool mellow beginning and then (((bam))) the whole song shifts into high gear with tires burning. Great vocals and guitar Carol Sue and Joseph!


carol sue
01/03/18 07:38:52PM @carol-sue:
You all really made my day a little more happy~ thank you so much! :)
Muchas gracias, Joseph.. If I can rock the world- it's only because you're rockin' it for me! lol

01/03/18 02:12:34PM @david-c-deal:
Fine work from you guys, once again.
01/03/18 09:31:31AM @josephrodz:
You can rock the world Carol!
01/03/18 09:16:58AM @saturated:
Sounds great! Cool tune and nice work by CS and Jrodz!
01/03/18 09:09:54AM @ronbowes:
Great work. Cool collab. Super vox CS
01/03/18 08:23:32AM @waveman:
hi carol, soundin good, I like the way you did the backing vocals. jrod always hits the sweet spot on lead guitar. rockin tune you guys


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