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Rock Your SouL ~ ft. Ron Bowes

album: Partners In cRhyme Production (2)
genre: »»--(¯`v´¯)=>>
streams: 259
creation date: 2018-02-21

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Music and lyrics by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick. 
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I had asked Ron Bowes if he'd like to work with this song.. maybe speed-up the tempo in remaking the music.. needed something special, you know. Ron Bowes...
Rock Your SouL ~ ft. Ron Bowes
carol sue
01/27/19 12:21:50AM @carol-sue:
Just love to rock with that Bowes guy!!
Thanks for taking this for a spin! ;)

@janeway -Shane, you smile maker,lol!

01/22/19 01:13:22PM @janeway:
Hi Carol, in my other song comment, i kinda ended up joking around , a bit silly. So , in this song comment , not joking, and in straight fact, i really give this a thumbs up. To my ears , this is one of your top finest vocals. very fine number here, cheers to you and Ron. Very cool innovative lead guitar riff menagerie . inventive backing vocal things going on as well. Top high fives !
Jürgen Joherl
01/13/19 12:37:39PM @juergenjoherl:
Nice rockin' collab Carol Sue... cheers! :-)
Gary Dabrowski
08/04/18 02:09:08PM @gary-dabrowski:
took me a while to figure out who your singing reminded me of at times Carol Sue...don't say I'm the only one who said this...Chrissy Hynde…listened to several of your works...excellent!...
carol sue
03/26/18 03:14:02PM @carol-sue:
Thank you @waveman :)
03/04/18 09:59:29AM @waveman:
excellent arrangement and vocal carol, really like the edge you gave the vocal. ron added that extra heaviness completing the picture, great tune
carol sue
03/02/18 08:16:48AM @carol-sue:
Wow~ thanks so much for the kind comments!!
Wish I could sing more like those compared to.. but I'm flattered, lol!
Thanks again for rockin' with me @ronbowes :)

02/28/18 01:11:26PM @blue-sahara:
Holy Smokes! This is awesome!
What a fantastic vibe this emits! I love the deep rhythm guitars in here, and the lead vox! Wow! Reminiscent of Debbie Harry, but then not - maybe Chrissie Hynde? No, this is unique! Carol fits the song so wonderful with her voice - complementing the driving force the drums and guitars are leading ... leading to a fantastic finish! Superb collaboration people! Loved it!

02/24/18 06:56:44PM @ronbowes:
Thanks everyone for the great feedback on Carol Sue's baby. It was fun peppering this up and adding my take on it. Thanks for asking Carol Sue ;-)
02/24/18 08:06:33AM @hooker-green:
Really heavy rock for my ears and what a powerful kind of presentation. Dynamite.
My congrats.

carol sue
02/24/18 07:27:27AM @carol-sue:
Thanks guys~ appreciate you taking the time
to listen and share your thoughts about this tune! :)

02/22/18 03:57:30PM @tlt50:
This is a very "slick" track, as in Jefferson Airplane, Grace Slick awesomeness. Yes, this did take me back to those psychedelic good ole days.:) Excellent song you two, done with superb talents.Another fabulous tune to add to the growing list of superb collabs. AwwwwwOooooooooo!!!


Farrell Jackson
02/22/18 12:04:39PM @farrell-jackson:
Another rockin' collaboration Carol Sue and Ron ! A real classic rock vibe here.......I'm hearing a late '60s/70s San Francisco sound...right in line with my taste in music!


02/22/18 10:27:28AM @josephrodz:
Wow! another great collab and Rob production kikazz.
Carol delivered a groovy 70's vibe to it,cool!


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