No Man's Land (new)

album: Back to the Futuresque
genre: 80s pop-rock
streams: 77

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No Man's Land    ----- LARYCRAFT:   all guitars and instrumental performance and original soundtrack production     ----- SHANE: Vocals and post-production....
No Man's Land   (new)
Farrell Jackson
08/13/18 10:42:02AM @farrell-jackson:
It does sound like a Kansas song but I wouldn't have guessed if you didn't mention it. It fits your vocal style perfectly Shane......excellent vocals as always. Some fine music happening here...very, very tight. LaryCraft is a fantastic guitar player. Professional all the way!
08/12/18 07:34:30PM @nex-xzit:
Nice, really nice, love that Hook!!!, I am feeling it!!!!!


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