Send me an Angel (licensed cover)

album: Back to the Futuresque
genre: 80s pop-rock
streams: 1,444
creation date: 2017-06-22

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SEND ME AN ANGEL this is our cover of a 1983 radio hit by the group Real Life. SHANE: Vocals, new lyrics, post-production arrangmnt LARYCRAFT:  all...
Send me an Angel    (licensed cover)
Magpie Sally
02/13/21 08:58:53AM @magpie-sally:
Nice track mate
03/22/19 10:34:36PM @hydrogen3:
Enjoying a trip into memory lane this brings!
Bamil Music
10/29/17 07:36:14AM @bamil:
I've got to express my love for your cover of this song from Real Life, which in its original version it's one of my favorites and yours it's already a fave one too. I'm not in to do cover songs in my music career unless it's a tribute, but when a cover song is well done I stand ovation on it. Excellent music work, congrats 👍🎸🎶🌞
08/29/17 10:12:07PM @philkearneymusic:
Love this!
Farrell Jackson
06/23/17 02:22:45PM @farrell-jackson:
I'm not familiar with this song but I recognize the great vocals of Shane! Excellent production and musicianship on this tune. Congrats all on a successful collab!


06/23/17 12:49:33PM @winters-resurrection:
Another great tune guys! Don't recall hearing the original back in the day so I have nothing to compare to but this stands on its own very nicely. Awesome production, excellent instrumentation and magical vox... MORE PLS =)
06/23/17 07:30:06AM @akashaman:
great job on this stellar track ! brings back some memories , ha :
really fresh approach : vocals are killer as is production , all :
i missed that high vox tho , ) :
rock on

06/22/17 10:47:49PM @tlt50:
Shane your vocals are always magical. This is such a well produced track....lots of ear candy... Bravo Awesome !!!!

Larry T


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