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Once upon a time

album: Chris Moore
genre: Alternative
streams: 53
creation date: 2023-03-07

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Once upon a time Once upon a timeOnce upon a timeOnce upon a time somewhere back along the lineI was searching for a sign trying to find what could be...
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A new one!
Once upon a time
03/09/23 07:19:07PM @janeway:
hey - extraordinary bro. There are multiple stages in this that really fly and express exhillaration.
Farrell Jackson
03/08/23 09:32:33AM @farrell-jackson:
I agree with David, it's a powerful song, Chris. The words convey the story of a person's life struggles which are easily relatable. The rapid-fire verse lyric made me listen closely and then the smooth move to the melodic chorus is killer! A cool guitar solo. It's good to hear you are writing and recording again.
03/07/23 06:45:15PM @david-c-deal:
Your music and lyrics are always powerful. They reflect emotional realities that can be understood by anyone who takes the time. Congratulations and good luck on your new endeavor Chris.


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