Ron Kauffman
Ron Kauffman

All Of Us

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creation date: 2018-03-11

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" All of Us "   Any progress fighting bigotry is turning to dust people everywhere are hatin' like they can't get enough like a boulder rollin' down a...
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With everything going on in the world....this one just had to come out before I explode!
All Of Us
05/03/18 05:44:00PM @chris-moore:
Great sentiments Ron... the world is not a happy place right now, but it's all we've got. Thanks for raising the voice of sanity 😉
03/12/18 01:21:20PM @lodato:
I like to just sit back and listen to your music. This one is meaningful with dignity. The world needs to slow down and learn how to listen. I miss the ‘70’s when folk music was appreciated. I love most music but, when I hear songs like this which are rare, I feel rejuvenated!


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