David C Deal
David C Deal
David C Deal


album: Variations of Recollections
genre: Symphonic Rock
streams: 158
creation date: 2017-11-13

  Song Lyrics
Recollection How I miss your Voice How I miss your Smile If I could only Sit, and Talk with you awhile I'd give up my Life , everything I own If God would...
  Song Information
One day an extremely talented songwriter, Mrs. Carmella Bernadette Inchierchiera, heard an instrumental I'd published called Recollections. She asked if she...
Doug Dickens
03/06/18 06:21:09PM @doug-dickens:
What a beautiful rendition. Thanks for the great collab ... three of the best I know.
01/30/18 02:44:51PM @ronbowes:
Beautiful song. Top notch work.
11/21/17 07:11:29PM @chris-moore:
This is such a bitter-sweet piece. It makes the whole room go silent, so intense in the emotions it brings. Beautiful musical arrangement, lyrics from the very depths of the heart, and the perfect vocal interpretation. And now, there will forever be music for these words.
Farrell Jackson
11/20/17 11:57:45AM @farrell-jackson:
Hey ya'll...congratulations on being chosen as Mixposure's Song of the Week! Recollection is a great collaboration that resulted in a great song David, Yvonne and Carmella!
Farrell Jackson
11/14/17 10:01:21AM @farrell-jackson:
Wow! You put three very talented people on a song project and something special happens. Wonderful music David......Yvonne, you've put the perfect melody and voice to this......Carmella, your heartfelt words will be heard around the world and beyond. Bravo...take a bow all!


11/13/17 07:54:41PM @tlt50:
A beautiful , heartfelt and emotional collab' with three amazingly talented people. Incredible music with stunning vocals and poignant lyrics. Bravo to you all....this is pure class..*****

Larry T.


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