album: Tall Stories Short Ride
genre: Alternative
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Man I could use some help hereMan I could use a handAll this stuff is weighing on meI could use a stronger backYour life isn't always your ownYour life isn't...
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from 2010
01/16/22 05:05:01AM @shane:
sometimes, drawing a comparison can illustrate intangible thoughts- the beginning section of this , recalls 'Landslide' by Stevie Nicks. Your song is still very different and unique in itself - but the idea of the comparasion feels comfortable to me. Yet, by midsong, the only comparison that i get is , Lodato. Main point- i want to hear it again.
Michael Slider
01/15/22 09:33:24PM @michael-slider:
All I can say is omg ❤️
Eric Saitz
01/11/22 03:16:20PM @eric-saitz:
This song gets to me every single time i hear it my friend. Thank you for posting it! Love it so much

Farrell Jackson
05/25/20 09:46:38AM @farrell-jackson:
Moe's reviews of (Your's & Eric's version) your song has brought me here for a listen Rich. This is some fantastic, heartfelt writing and performances......over the top with the "draw the listener" in appeal. I'm going to listen again and again....very well done my friend!


05/24/20 10:02:03PM @moquinn:
@lodato ~ came back for another listen of your song Man ~ since I just listened to BLJ/Eric's version ~ love your original song & Eric's cover ~ love the crescendo sound in your song midway ~ at which point...the song goes from touching my heart..to grabbing it & squeezing....with some songs...I not only hear them, but, I feel them too....this would be one of those
05/04/12 05:06:49PM @bri-an:
...seems as though i have the floor as to what to say about this song...i mean,... i really feel like telling you to hide it away from everyone, so that it can be presented with presentation that would rival any "millionaire big show producer" in the music bizz...i guess i could say that for most of the events that have emerged from lodato... in the same breath, i am glad you post your tunes...both here...and the other sites.
...songs that of a calling out nature go back to the beginning of time itself...sounds corny...ya...i know, but i think of all the toons i know with the same message/topic (thousandsNthousands) actually...lol one might think it would be easy to follow a technique listening to this arrangement NOT.
respects go out to you for isolating and focusing in on what most will call out for...eventually.
This was an immediate 1st run shot out of the box for me.
Thanks for the DL Rich.


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