Manhattan Calls

album: Zen Petals
genre: avant gard
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go when manhattan callsgo when manhattan callsjust go when manhattan callsto youto you my deargo when manhattan callsyou go when manhattan callsso go when...
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growing up off the hudson with the view of NYC as a kid I drempt a lot of dreams.
Manhattan Calls
08/14/17 01:45:31PM @lodato:
Thank you Farrell.
Farrell Jackson
08/14/17 10:38:16AM @farrell-jackson:
First I need to make this comment: The art work you place with your songs is always so engaging and intriguing.

I know when I hit the play button on a Lodato song that it's going to be filled with emotion and this one doesn't disappoint. Some fine words, music and vocal ! Also thanks for posting the song lyric and information. I wish all Mix artist would do that...it just enhances the listen.


08/11/17 06:03:42PM @lodato:
Thank you Tricia!


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