Mother Rose

album: 2nd life
genre: Acoustic
streams: 28

  Song Lyrics
a flower grows and hardly knowswhere it stands to beyou poor old rose that no one knowsunlikely place to see between the cracksand in the pathof down...
  Song Information
3rd version of this tune. I like em all but this one got to me tonight
Mother Rose
06/07/20 11:55:18AM @bad-love-junkie:
Rich this is such a beautiful song. You and your music and your art are one. :)
Love it!

03/25/20 07:10:10AM @lodato:
Thx gentlemen. I had three versions of this. This is the first. After a few years without hearing, I stumbled upon it and thought, not bad.
03/25/20 12:43:15AM @jimsae:
Rich, you write such fantastic songs. This is one of the best things you've ever wrote, in my humble opinion. Already downloaded.
03/24/20 11:44:49PM @freudian-slip:
Great song and vocals. So good that Lennon could have come up with it. Keys are great, love it when the Piano break comes in. Great piece of writing.
03/24/20 02:53:13AM @lodato:
Thank you so much Maureen.
03/23/20 10:40:05PM @moquinn:
@lodato thank you for sharing
I have enjoyed your songs for several years ~ as I love your voice & the all over sound of your songs..... your lyrics are often relevant to current times, as this is ~ I loved the last words of this song ""mother rose all my life I felt your hug"" as you leave us with a comforting thought

03/22/20 02:43:59AM @lodato:
@ bill-b,
Very observant. It has been four years.

09/20/19 09:54:53AM @lodato:
Thank you Bill!
bill b
09/19/19 10:17:11PM @bill-b:
I like the piece. I kept expecting an acoustic guitar break but no.
The Synth and Hammond tones were very well done and added to the elegant majestic feel for the song. And the vocal and lyrics were classic Lodato I've always admired.
Thank-you for posting Rich.
It was a pleasure as I may have not been here at the right time so it seems a few years since ive heard anything from you. An overall enjoyable track.


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