Pale Sun (Remastered) july 2021

album: Tall Stories Short Ride
genre: Alternative
streams: 16

  Song Lyrics
Pale Sun lying in the pale sun palethinking it's all too soonlaundry basket wading in the wait reflecting and remind me in the glassdon't you come and tell...
  Song Information
Remastered 07-16-2021 I remember when I recorded this in the autumn of 2004. Lyrics were originally written in 1984 and revised for the song in 2004...
Pale Sun (Remastered) july 2021
07/21/21 11:11:15AM @nebulon:
You also have a style I can recognise from the first seconds...Aerian and trippy, a bit "psychedelic" too my friend.
Psychedelic rock does exist isn't it ?
You are half way between standard and psychedelic rock in my opinion.
We don't make the same thing at all but I understand that a real studio is useful for you because of the way I think you use to make you wonderful stuff.
You are also the more productive artist, In matter of quality and also quantity !
You paints make me feel not at ease (they disturb me) but your music knows how to get enjoyed by myself.
This song is like all the others one...Always a success, not the smallest error as a producer/singer etc... even if people don't like it.
Everybody should recognise you are doing art with accuracy, strong inspiration and production.
Cheeers !!!!

07/20/21 01:27:07PM @jimsae:
Love this, Rich! You voice and that incredible guitar riff totally rules this track! It's always a great day to hear your music.
Queen Regina
07/16/21 08:22:40AM @queen-regina:
Very nice sound. Haunting vocal performance 🎭. Great stuff Rich. You are so "Rich" in talent & creativity 👌 👏 🙌 Originality of great quality. #QueenReginaPickHit


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