Consider the Void

album: escape artist
genre: Alternative
streams: 17

  Song Lyrics
consider the void the components of luminosity'shas me fixed in my comfortable chairmy comfortable chairwith a natural expression of ultimate peacefulness...
  Song Information
written and recorded in may 4 2012
Consider the Void
09/22/21 06:20:51PM @bad-love-junkie:
What a great song Rich! I could feel it when the drums kicked in. Took me to another place. You vocals sound strong and powerful on this one Rich. I really enjoyed this one my friend

Farrell Jackson
09/22/21 06:12:06PM @farrell-jackson:
I dig the orchestration Rich. Great vocal as usual...the drums just entered...nice! The ebb and tide of the production works so well!
Twank Whelan
09/22/21 05:52:12PM @twank-whelan:
You are an escape artist, love that album title! Beautiful tune, much impressed with composition and those vocals of yours.


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