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Lyrical Princess

Daniels, Beam & Cuervo

album: Song Collaborations
genre: Country
streams: 105
creation date: 2018-04-06
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Ever since you went away and said we were through I've stayed prisoner to my heart This  much is true just a captive of your memory there was nothing I...
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Music arranged produced and mixed by Mark Riddick for, Vocals: Ronnie Walls Lyrics by: Linda Fry & Bobby G Moore
Daniels, Beam & Cuervo
David Holywood
05/03/19 06:01:37AM @link:
Wow!!! That's beautiful!!!
carol sue
04/07/18 07:06:47PM @carol-sue:
Peek-a-boo, I see you logged in! :)

Oh my.. isn't this lovely!! A little teaser of the full version that I'm looking forward to hearing!
Linda, Bobby, Mark and Ronnie~ I'd be jumping up and down to come up with a country tune this fine!!
Big Congratulations!! ~Bravo!!

Lyrical Princess
04/07/18 04:43:53PM @lyrical-princess:
Thank you Farrell & Dace :)
Farrell Jackson
04/07/18 10:23:30AM @farrell-jackson:
This song came out real nice Linda and Bobby! It has a great hook in chorus. Well done on this collaboration!



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