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Lyrical Princess
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@Helen DeBaker, 02/11/20 01:41:01AM
Hi Linda, Many years(2011) have past since my husband Phil & I collaborated with you on your lyric's to. I'LL BE.
It turned out to be a beautiful song that many people love listening to !
You are a very talented lyricist and I am very happy that you asked me to do your project.

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@Gary Shukoski, 06/04/16 05:42:22AM
Thanks for the kind words on my song posts! I was reading about you on here. Congrats on finding such an accepting and supportive community that values your art and puts more worth on it than even you were expecting. Great testimony!
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@zefuldar, 03/09/16 02:18:28PM
Thanks for the comment on 'You Think That You'.
I promise it's not about you. LOL.

I'll check out your tunes when I get a mo....

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@MoQuinn, 02/12/16 10:02:30PM
Being that there is no Coffee House MixRadio show tonight this would be a good time for me to check out all the wonderful musicians on MixPosure ~
I began to read your bio ~ & in so many ways you sound like me ~ although you are a writer/lyricist & I have no musical talents ~ but in my later years I am finding I love music more & more ~ I enjoy many genres of music ~ & I truly love the MixPosure family ~ it is my home away from home ~ music is my refuge ~ I am totally blown away by all the talent here I am awestruck ~ & thankful everyone is so gracious, welcoming & sharing ~ initially I felt like a Sore Thumb in the chat rooms.. but as you write ~ you came here as just a listener, which in time you've learned is a very big deal here....a few musicians impressed this upon me...I felt unworthy to be in the chat..the only one not a musician...but, eventually I felt so very much at home there ~ I truly love Indie music & have made many wonderful friends here.....long winded...yes, I know original intention was to tell you that I love your collaboration song Angel with Mr. B ~ it touches my heart deeply ~ thank you dear woman for sharing your talents Maureen AKA Moe
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@mikestrat664, 11/20/14 09:29:12PM
My name is Michael Paul Stratton, and I am a funny hip hop music artist, please check out my funny songs for laughs, and giggles!
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@Hydrogen3, 05/24/14 08:31:45PM
Hi Linda!
It's been a while since I been on here. I was listening to your radio show posted here tonight. Sorry I was not here at the time show was live but I had chance to listen to all the great music that came out from your wonderful lyrics! Thank you! Congrats! Holley :)
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@songdoc, 10/29/13 12:14:20AM
Thank you for the comments on Who Stole Your Song. While the song is sad, the creation of it helped bring that child out of her shell so it does have a real life happy ending ;)
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@Digger, 10/01/13 02:52:59AM
just thought if I missed you in the late night chat! I would stop by and say hi..

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@vigwig, 08/31/13 12:44:37PM
Need some company? I'm in charroom listening/ playing blues. nearly 1 pm ET. Vic
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@Chris Georgiou, 08/23/13 07:49:45PM
Hey Linda, my dear friend,

sights always become more, what to say, unpersonal.
So I do it that way.
I m so happy now you as a friend, a long years now, call it just words, in that endless cypber....but you are straight by my heart....
All my love...shine dear friend....

Chris G.
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@Bamil Music, 08/15/13 08:45:21PM
Thanks Linda for follow my page, love and kisses for you!!!
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@mystirP, 08/15/13 05:13:16PM
Thanks LP. Got the notice this morning that some one was following me. I looked back but didn't see anyone. Wait. I think I see....what shadow..hehe..
Seriously, thanks Linda. Sorry I'm so distant but working for a shelter that turns no one away really takes all the time I have. I eat, sleep, get up and go to work. Still at work now. LOL
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@BucTheGreat, 06/02/09 05:39:40PM
thx LP that means a lot to me :D
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@BucTheGreat, 05/22/09 06:49:38PM
Very nice stuff: I've enjoyed hanging out here for a little bit. Steely Dan would be pleased with "Open Up Your Heart". I wish you best of success in all you do. Stop by my place sometime: "Mortal Shell"
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@BucTheGreat, 12/13/08 08:20:29AM
THANKS FOR NICE WISHEES ! I wish you all the best too for your future!!
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@BucTheGreat, 10/16/08 11:03:13PM
hi. i was surprised to get a message from you. i hadn't seen your name before. i don't spend much time at all at mixposure anymore. thanks for the kind words. Loren