Poinsettia Salad

genre: Instrumental
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creation date: 2013-07-21

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I did this back after Christmas when all the Poinsettia's were starting to die. "Can we make salads out of them?" It's just a low level of toxicity and...
Poinsettia Salad
11/17/15 11:37:19AM @piyali:
I never had poinsettia salad before! If it tastes anything as good as this delicious composition, I will have to try it out! :) I am loving my listen of your songs this morning as I do my my translation homework. Feeling inspired! This instrumental composition is simply fabulous! :)
Joe Tavano
05/13/15 08:37:53PM @joe-tavano:
good song! very enjoyable!
03/22/15 03:23:19PM @reeker:
Very smooth my friend!
01/30/15 07:59:00PM @robert-smith:
Nice tones and love the funk going on here! Excellent stuff and playing.........right up my alley.
02/12/14 05:32:50AM @robert-smith:
Hey Mach! Really dig the sound - bit of funk and blues/rock. My kinda playing man!


Lyrical Princess
07/23/13 01:25:14AM @lyrical-princess:
I've never heard of Poinsettia salad before.. So while listening to your ever so lovely music, I've painted this picture in my mind of a Beautiful red & white salad & imagined that it must be just as tasty as this Wonderfully written piece of music.. Absolutely Gorgeous!!! :)

All The Best,


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