Guarding her carnal pleasure

genre: Bass
streams: 103
creation date: 2008-02-28

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Me & my Bass
Guarding her carnal pleasure
Gary Carciello
09/14/13 01:08:53AM @gary-carciello:
Interesting and experimental song idea.
All ideas work well and keep tension up all the time.
Good mix of different bass techniques and musicality.

09/05/13 11:54:59AM @soulkettle67:
love the rythym switches in this track keeps me wondering where its going well played ;)
02/29/08 06:16:36AM @sandz:
I love the intro. At first I dont know where it came from. Its very rare to hear this kind of track. The arrangement is unique and the groove is great. Watch out les claypool.
02/28/08 08:31:16PM @tlt50:
Great track..with exceptional changes and musicianship. Well performed and produced. A totally cool listen !!!!

Larry T..........

02/28/08 08:04:30PM @self-tort:
This is way cool. Wasn't sure what to expect when I saw it up as "bass". But this is melodic and funky. Lots of really cool changes of mood and some fantastic harmonising. Loved it.
Farrell Jackson
02/28/08 06:47:56PM @farrell-jackson:
Great playing Mach the bassman! Very creative and real tasty!


02/28/08 06:32:51PM @rob-hanlon:
Very creative musical adventure. Smooth grooves and excellent playing. Didn't want this one to end. Very Cool .
02/28/08 02:31:37PM @brian-mattson:
This would make a great backing track, but is perfect just the way it is as a soundtrack. Excellent changes throughout. Very subtle, very intelligent composition!
02/28/08 02:12:59PM @terry-ponder:
The is Fantastic, Great bass lines, awesome musicianship, very impressed.


02/28/08 01:35:08PM @ab2:
Ohhhhh, very nice....just loving the bass. Drums hitting the spot for me..Like the change at around 1.40, gives it a little lift just at the right moment...2.40ish another change, getting laid back now....This made a nice change, thanks for posting it...:-)

Peace n Love mags xx :-)


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