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@MoeQuinn, 09/23/15 10:00:03PM
hi Mach visited your MixPosure page & listened to many of your songs I enjoy your music Firestorm really took my breath away it grabbed me & pulled me into the song touching my I see from the thumbnail & the lyrics based upon a Firestorm in 1901 as the lyrics say in Jacksonville...a great song with awesome musicians
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@ROBBO1, 02/10/14 02:38:26AM
Hi Mach

Thanks so much for your comments!
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@Gary Carciello, 09/14/13 01:18:25AM
Hi Mach!

Thank you for your comments!I'm impressed about your song gallery and good tasty playing.

Best regards
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@Saturated, 09/02/13 10:18:16PM
Grats on AOTM!!
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@Lyrical Princess, 09/02/13 05:07:00PM
An Award very well deserved.. You're an Amazing talent my friend..
Enjoy the spotlight.. It's YOUR month to shine Mr. September.. (I'm not sure if anyone's told you yet..? But, mix takes all the years artist's of the month & compiles them together to make a Calendar for the upcoming year. Just wanted to let you know, so you wouldn't be as unprepared as I was when they clicked that photo of me) LOL ~ :)
Love your music, Mach ~ I'm looking forward to hearing a lot more from you..

All The Best,
Linda (LP)
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@WhereWolf, 09/01/13 08:38:10PM
Mach......A big ~AwwwwwwwOooooooo~ To you...! Congrats...Awesome Bro...(Y)

All the best,
Larry T
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@truevulgarian, 09/01/13 07:36:33PM
Congratulations Mach! Mix got in right in choosing a special talent who can do it all. (Give his music a listen and you'll find many genres all extremely well done.) I hope your designation as Artist of the Month serves to inspire you to do more and more of your terrific songs!
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@josephrodz, 09/01/13 11:48:06AM
Congrats on TAOTM well deserved brother & Keep rockin'!
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@Bamil Music, 08/17/13 04:34:29PM
Hi Mach, thanks for the comments and reviews about my songs 'Carta De Amor' (Letter Of Love) and 'Love Across The Border' and also for Follow my page. This songs like all my music work were Produced, Arranged and Enginneered by me in my Cave Wolf Recording S2dio. Yeah my Pro Studio I can call every place you can make the perfect work with the right tools. The best Pro Studio for me means mix the best of your knowledge no matter the space and to be honest my Recording S2dio is no bigger than a regular room, but with the right things you can make magic.
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@Chrickon, 08/14/13 12:57:10PM
Hi Mach! long time no hear! Hope all is good!
Thanks for your kind comment on "Good Things" much appreciated.
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@BucTheGreat, 08/16/06 09:57:26AM
Thanks Peter!
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@BucTheGreat, 08/16/06 08:33:28AM
Just listened to your collab with Art. Really beautiful piece of music. Well done!