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Chain Gang Blues Hip Hop Can you Dig it!
11/02/15 10:47:26PM @tlt50:
I need to spend more time on your page...Mach , incredible songwriting .....exceptional musicianship>. Love the production on this...Creativity....bro ,,, You got it !! Bravo man... *****
Larry T

08/06/15 06:58:20PM @vig-wig: got to go.... dig those holes .....
I dig
Vig those holes

Barefoot Music
05/10/15 05:56:14AM @barefoot-music-group:
Yea liking this groove a whole lot. It has this Film Noir vibe I get from it which I love. I visualize black and white chain gang images.
I'm loving how you're including the (narrative) almost rap kind of cadence. Very soulful.

05/02/15 01:29:43AM @vig-wig:
You are on a roll, my friend. This is a solid song that sounds like it would be perfect match as a soundtrack to a movie, a TV show or a challenge to make a video for.
05/01/15 02:11:13PM @cooter:
I dug a hole once. But I lost it somewhere. Not to worry though, I found another.

Love the tune, Mach!

Farrell Jackson
04/30/15 11:11:12AM @farrell-jackson:
I dug it and dig it Mach!
Lyrical Princess
04/30/15 10:17:07AM @lyrical-princess:
Cool song, Mach.. This reminds me of a movie... Also, From what I've been seeing on the News lately,(Burning innocent peoples businesses down, thugs, cop haters), I think there should be a lot of people digging holes. We'll be in the triple digits soon. They should haul them all over here. There's not a shortage of hot desert in the summers ... LOL (just my opinion).
I've never heard of "Chain Gang" genres.. That's a GOOD one... hehehe
This is some pretty good hip hop. I can dig it. Nice work!!


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