Tom Foster Morris
Tom Foster Morris

Waiting On A Train

album: All Those Years Ago
genre: Roots Country
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             WAITING ON A TRAIN           Copyright©2010                                                     Words & music by TF Morris G...
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Memories of my youth, growing up in southwestern Pennsylvania.
Waiting On A Train
Alison Reynolds
04/13/15 10:18:40AM @alison-reynolds:
Love this song, Tom!
04/13/15 01:58:11AM @tom-foster-morris:
Thank you "LP". Yes this is a page right outta my misspent youth.
Lyrical Princess
04/13/15 01:37:40AM @lyrical-princess:
Love the intro. (Whistle of the train).. And for the most part, for me?.. this is true" Seems I’ve always been a day late and dollar shy". And, this will be my luck... " when my ship comes in it will probably pass me by"... LOL ~
I really like your song writing. This has a catchy melody. I wonder... Is the person in this story you ? I'm glad you posted the lyrics. I enjoyed singing along. Thank you for sharing. 5*****

Welcome to the Mix,
LP :)


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