tony cee
tony cee
tony cee

keep on loving you

album: heart n soul
genre: blues soul
streams: 81
creation date: 2021-03-13

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new song . hope you like it . thanks for your time ....tony cee
keep on loving you
12/02/22 05:21:51PM @hooyoosay:
Very nice collection of songs here, Tony!
Well performed, each one of them.
This one is quite Rod Stewart reminiscent, astoundingly beautiful!

01/27/22 05:52:30PM @the-dick-layman:
Great song and performance Tony :)
03/23/21 12:37:07PM @stringking:
That guitar sound stands out for me, great band and song.
03/20/21 11:24:58AM @ronbowes:
Nice one Tony. Cool performance with that noticeable Tony Cee panache!
03/16/21 10:14:43AM @bad-love-junkie:
Hi Tony another great song. Loving those horns but really dig that organ :) Lifted my mood right from the start. Really enjoyed

Bobby G
03/14/21 08:44:53PM @bobby-g:
Tony love the vocals and the music this is great song my friend .If you don't care I'll play it on my next DJ show at the Blue Room Bar
Gary Dabrowski
03/14/21 04:23:16PM @gary-dabrowski:
love this one Tony...blues/soul indeed!
tony cee
03/14/21 01:27:46PM @tony-cee:
thanks for your comment farrell , i used to play drums in a lot of bands over the years , and depending on the venue , sometimes i would take my electonic kit and , this is what i use now for most of my songs as you can use it as a stand alone drum machine , i think you can still buy them , but they are slightly different to the make i have , they are made by alesis and were made in the 80/90s you can get new ones for about 100£ or i think its about 140$ . thanks again farrell .....tony cee
Farrell Jackson
03/14/21 10:43:47AM @farrell-jackson:
A great nostalgic vibe to this song Tony! It's got some soul to it...reminds me a bit of Otis Redding's style (a compliment). Love the horns and your vocals are right on the money. Great drums, are they real?



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