tony cee
tony cee
tony cee

no matter what you say

album: soul searching
genre: blues soul
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new song hope you like it , thanks for your time ....tony cee
no matter what you say
Rogue Fungi
04/26/22 03:07:01PM @rogue-fungi:
Getting an almost ska vibe with the upstroked guitar :) Cool stuff dude, Vocally reminds me a little of simply red in places. but with a almost brummie sound rather than a manc if that makes sense. Peace,Ricky
01/29/22 05:54:10PM @stoney---ian-burrage:
I like this Tony ... A good honest pop tune with cool vocals too
Michael Slider
01/20/22 01:11:57PM @michael-slider:
Great song ❤️
01/19/22 03:45:07PM @bustert:
oh- nice:
Accented guitars and a singing with a lot of fealing- i must book a flight;-)

Eric Saitz
01/16/22 05:42:52PM @eric-saitz:
Great melody and hook Tony! Your vocals are strong and emotive. I really enjoyed it.

The Gigglefits
01/16/22 05:20:49PM @the-gigglefits:
I am so loving this one will be spinning this one tonight sounds like steely Dan beautiful song
Gary Dabrowski
01/16/22 11:24:09AM @gary-dabrowski:
sounds good to me Tony!
Queen Regina
01/16/22 09:20:00AM @queen-regina:
Awww YEA, SWINGING OUTTA THE BOX. #QueenReginaPickHit Love it. @TonyCee #Hot2022 #QueenReginaPickhit
There will always be a place for you in my heart. Love the lyrics. Great listen. Solid, steady, sincere, and meaningful words. Fine MUSICAL ART.

01/16/22 06:48:56AM @sergej77:
ah, I love this Tony! The good rhythm you catch here. Your voice sounds great, the guitar solo is very cool, the trumpets are so nice touch, and altogether the song is very cool! Nice lyrics too! Give us more like this Tony!
A big hug!

Farrell Jackson
01/15/22 08:57:41PM @farrell-jackson:
A cool pop tune Tony! It has an early sixties vibe to it and that's alright in my musical book! Good words and vocals. The tremolo guitar is nice touch and the lead solo is played well!



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