tony cee
tony cee
tony cee


album: soul searching
genre: blues soul
streams: 45
creation date: 2024-06-20

  Song Information
new song recorded about 2 mths ago hope you like it , thank you for your time ....cheers tony cee
Rob Grant
07/13/24 04:04:02PM @rob-grant:
Very catchy and soulful. Your voice is very soulful, as well.
07/11/24 05:07:11PM @phillipfoxley:
Very catchy - love it! 😊👍
06/28/24 04:57:25PM @bad-love-junkie:
Hi Tony, another fantastic song! I'm amazed by your ability to create such catchy hooks. Each song captivates the listener. Great job, my friend. Eric
06/23/24 12:35:54PM @kim-d-groff:
Love your music!! Added you to my playlist!!
06/23/24 11:02:35AM @waveman:
your song style is like comfort food tony, cool stuff man
06/21/24 08:03:27PM @mizieya:
this song has really made me smile love it! great track
Bobby G
06/21/24 08:28:28AM @bobby-g:
You always put a great song out Tony
Farrell Jackson
06/20/24 06:20:22PM @farrell-jackson:
A cool soulful song Tony! The horns go well with it. Excellent vocals and backing voices. The Stratty solo is short but sweet. I like it!
06/20/24 03:35:55PM @jimsae:
You had me from the first notes, love this riff... Great vocal performance too!


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