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Halloween Tunes 2020

By Admin, 2020-10-15

How is everyone doing with Halloween Tunes? Looks like we have a great jump on this! 

Remember, just upload the song to your page and add the genre of "Halloween 2020" so we can find it. Check out some songs below!

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Eddie Van Halen

By Admin, 2020-10-06
Eddie Van Halen

Tragic day to all of us guitarists who grew up trying to be anything close to Eddie Van Halen. This man created a whole generation of guitarists that will continue to grow thanks to his genius. You will be missed EVH but never forgotten. 

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Halloween 2020

By Admin, 2020-09-20

With the Pandemic still in full play, a great distraction would be our annual Halloween Song Submission! I think this is year 14 of doing this?

For the uninitiated, here is how it works. 

  • The song should be based around the Halloween Theme
  • Any Genre is Welcome - You can make it scary, comical or whatever you like!
  • On October First, we will add a specific Genre for everyone to use so we can track the songs
  • Vocals are not required but they obviously help sell the theme
  • Please post any questions you have!
  • Once your song is complete, use a song genre of Halloween 2020


Some previous submissions from prior years....

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Just Ranting

By Admin, 2020-06-27

Girl in a jacket

I had a nice desktop gaming computer sitting around doing nothing after both of my daughters upgraded. Since I have been in a self-imposed musical retirement, I figured I would finally relinquish my Alienware Windows 7 (yes that old) desktop I was using for recording. As I am installing my trusty Cubase Artist v6 from 2010 or 2011, it tells me it is too old to even register. I figured ok now what? Previously I had updated to version 6.5 so I must need to do that.There is an update link in the Help drop down in the application so I clicked the link. Much like my registration attempt, the link was 404 which means, not found. 

I did some research on the Steinberg Website and found some forum posts that said Steinberg basically just killed off the old versions. As someone who works in software development, I get the money grab but it still pisses me off. If you want to install Windows 95 on an old PC, would you expect it to say, "Nope Sorry, You Need To Update To Windows 10" and here is the amount? No you paid for that version and it should work! In their defense, Artist 6 was only "supported" on Windows 7 but I read post where people did get it to work on Windows 10 prior to all of the updates. 

Not sure of what the outcome of this will be. My Presonus Audiobox 44VSL has been discontinued but I noticed the drivers are recent. Maybe it will still work!

This ends my rant!


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Congrats to Synthia for having the song of the week! This tune has some bite to it!

We are SYNTHIA a brand new Metal band with heavy driven guitars topped by some tight bass lines with a splash of Female Opera/Melodic style vocals.

Vocalist: Allison Stanton (aka) Allistar

Guitars: Gary Hart (aka) Rocker

Bass: Rach Espinosa

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Congrats to Zeus the Temple for being the Artist of the month. 

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Mixposure Artist of the Month - Carol Sue

Congratulations to Carol Sue for being the Artist of the Month. Carol Sue is a long time member and one of the biggest supporters of Indie Music I have ever seen. 

Thanks for all of your reviews and being a part of Mixposure Carol Sue .

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By Admin, 2020-03-16

Hey everyone. It would appear that most cities will be on lock down for the next 4-6 weeks. This is a great time to write some music!

This Coronavirus is a bit scary. In talking to some, it seems like many think this is blown way out of proportion. That may or may not be the case but regardless, please keep yourself as safe as possible. Mixposure has lost some great artists over the years. Let's not add to that list in 2020. It seems to hit people differently with a lot of different factors so just be smart people!!


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Congrats to Ariel's Attic for being Mixposure Artist of the Month!

Congrats to Ariel's Attic for being the Artist of the Month!

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Congrats to Wyntr for being are February 2020 Artist of the Month!


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