Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson

Girl You Move Me

album: Orchid Faded Sky
genre: 60's Pop Rock Art
streams: 75

Girl You Move Me
sly puppy
05/28/18 01:45:03PM @emocion:
i confess I've not heard this before and maybe I should have its a great tune with such lovely melodic feel as the genre says 60's art but this is way more than simply that.

the lyrical content sends a message making the song instantly accessible and applicable to the masses and thats a credit to the writer.

The instrumentation is really well handled here - that acoustic picking is never over awed by the other parts which come and go filling the atmosphere.

Whats especially great about this song is the fantastic hook which embeds itself right where it should - so often a song can be really great but the hook is missing this song does not fall on that front.

Nice out section too the heartfelt vocal almost has tears inside it ...nicely done indeed.

Second pass usually where I may add some constructive stuff and that's usually where the artist within us hears how they might have added or done things differently. So would I have done anything differently here - simple put no everything is as it should be perhaps the vocal itself could be lifted a little and the string panned outward to give a broader stereo image...but thats really being overly picky because this song has a great big heart and it's message shines through. by the way the lalalala's section is delightfully 60's absolutely love that inclusion. But I will return to that glorious hook ...simply human.

Loved this song

01/22/18 08:38:47PM @avmo:
Great Track Farrell...right up my alley!
Farrell Jackson
08/23/17 11:54:28AM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks for the kind words on Girl You Move me Larry and Bill ! The nostalgic chords and melody just sort of fell into my hands and brain....it must have pre-determined years ago :o)


bill b
08/22/17 07:18:07PM @bill-b:
The acoustic stereo separation is always a cool effect.Soundwise the bass comes out really nice and clean too. Nice gustsy lead solo with good composition and great vocals and lyric line makes it a really enjoyable piece. nice work.
08/22/17 06:48:25PM @tlt50:
Masterful , pristine production on this Farrell ..Awesome guitar work. Beautiful lyrics and vocals......Superb performance...Well done Sir..*****

Larry T

Farrell Jackson
08/22/17 01:26:09PM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks Dace, Ern, Ron, Toni, and Tricia for the good comments on Girl You Move Me. Much appreciated!

Barefoot Music
08/19/17 05:07:35PM @barefoot-music-group:
Loving the acoustic intro Farrell and your way of stringing a story in lyrics. Must be a parallel generation thing because your music always feels nostalgic for me.
Fabulous tune.

08/19/17 11:31:14AM @ronbowes:
Heard this on mixstream. Cool number Farrell. Catchy chords and picking.
08/18/17 09:26:11PM @erne:
Very nice listen with this one Farrell. Has that 60s feel to it. Very much my kind of music...Thanx for posting it..


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