Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson

The Cuzin's - No Name Hall of Fame (feat. Cuz Ron and Cuz Lorne)

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genre: Americana Rock
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No Name Hall of Fame (V1) We’ll keep on making music until the day we die It’s food for mind and body that keeps us young and spry We’ve got notebooks full...
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No Name Hall of Fame Credits: Cuzin'  Farrell Jackson - Songwriter, lyric, all vocals, rhythm guitar, bass, drum prgm, production and mix. Cuzin' Lorne Reid...
The Cuzin's - No Name Hall of Fame (feat. Cuz Ron and Cuz Lorne)
08/23/20 03:27:55PM @ronbowes:
Great fun Farrell cuz. Thanks for the invite ;-)
tony cee
08/23/20 03:07:51PM @tony-cee:
great song , farrell think i commented on this song on another site great guitar work , love it ....tony cee
Farrell Jackson
08/23/20 12:19:55PM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks CSK and Lorne! A special thank you goes out to Lorne Reid (guitar) and Ron Bowes (harp) for contributing tracks to this Cuzin's song!


carol sue
08/22/20 10:08:58PM @carol-sue:
Hat off to the talented cuzin's!
Sure enjoyed this! :)

08/22/20 07:55:10PM @lorne-reid:
Thanks for the invite to be on yer tune!! Was a Honor to contribute! Love the Meaning of it all too!!!


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