Technoly Disco

album: Techno Stuff
genre: Funk
streams: 66

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Something upbeat for a change.. a mix of old school and modern sound flute, slap bass, drums and & synth
Technoly Disco
P Eric Bailey
03/16/16 09:55:18PM @p-eric-bailey:
God, I love your music. Need I say more?
03/15/16 12:56:04PM @erne:
I like this very much. Nice and funky.
Lyrical Princess
03/15/16 09:48:27AM @lyrical-princess:
IMO- I think this would be a good piece for theater. Because, while listening to this song, I picture driving around in a car, carefree. Just taking in the sights. Nice work Holley. :)

All The Best,
LP / Linda

03/14/16 08:07:18PM @david-c-deal:
Holley, this is a change in mood for you indeed. Sounds like a fun song.


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