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Suggestion Box

user image 2014-01-19
By: truevulgarian
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Suggestion Box

I'm proposing a "Suggestion Box" blog to address questions and concerns about the site.

My first suggestion is as follows: I think it would be a real good idea to provide more formal notification when a radio show is being cancelled.  I know sometimes the cancellation is due to some kind of last minute technical problem, but in most instances, it's known relatively early on that a radio show won't take place.  Some of the DJ's are real good about providing advance notice while others don't and you're left to find out the show has been canceled when you logon and discover you're the only person in chat. 


01/21/14 07:13:05PM @dazed:
What show? The Saturday show had a blog up early in the afternoon. We try and notify everyone as soon as possible but we also have emails floating out there to see if another DJ can pick up the show. In that situation it can be tough because you do not want to say the show is cancelled if someone sends an email and says that they can fill in.

The one thing I highly suggest though is that on the main Mix page left side, you will see an On Air Message when a DJ is on. Granted some forget, but that is how I usually tell if a show is on.

We will do what we can to improve though!


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