Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson

Sanctuary Bay

album: FJ #3
genre: Americana
streams: 48

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I'll post the lyric up as soon as remember them or find them.  
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An older song of mine that is re-mastered by LANDR. It's from my cd "Farrell Jackson #3"...that's really the name, I got lazy, lol. Kurt Huhn - Drums....
Sanctuary Bay
Doug Dickens
07/21/17 10:22:36PM @doug-dickens:
Really enjoyed this Farrell .... makes it on Tuesday for sure
Farrell Jackson
07/04/17 01:04:42PM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks Larry and Vigster....you've both made my day with your good comments!


07/04/17 12:43:13PM @vig-wig:
This is a throwback to good rocking tonight, sounds like Brown-Eyed Girl by Van Morrison and that was good too, IMHO. vig
07/02/17 07:01:01PM @tlt50:
Top notch Americana.. As always great songwriting.....Add your musicianship..vocals and lyrics.....and you're got a winner. AwwwwwOoooooooSOME ,my friend !

Larry T

Farrell Jackson
07/02/17 05:29:58PM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks for listening and commenting H.G.!
07/02/17 04:41:51PM @hooker-green:
I really love your voice. Guitar sounds so swinging and the arrangement is so smart. I like especially the second part when the tune gets more and more drive.


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