Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson

Constable of Ravens

album: TBD
genre: Classic Rock
streams: 72
creation date: 2017-08-29

  Song Lyrics
Constable of RavensV1A blinding glow....... in the skyIt blew in....... before our eyesOne lone wolf.....now runs with a packThat harkins but darkins the way...
  Song Information
This collab. song is a group of Mixers. We've actually put a band name to it: Diesel Saloon. We have another song that is completed which I'll be posting up...
Constable of Ravens
Farrell Jackson
09/04/17 07:54:49PM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks for listening and commenting Ron and Bill ! Much appreciated !


Bill B
09/03/17 11:17:30AM @bill-b:
Very interesting, enjoyable & great sounding track, thanks for posting
09/01/17 07:02:31PM @ronbowes:
What a great track and love the title too. Kudos guys.
Farrell Jackson
09/01/17 10:24:08AM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks Toni for the good words!

I want to personally thank Mike_S and Mach for allowing me to be part of this cool, Diesel Saloon, project. We need to do another one...........

08/30/17 06:38:40AM @mach:
Farrell this turned out great. Thanks to Mike for creating a cool bed track to work on. You gave us some great lyrics and stellar delivery on the vocals. I had fun working on this Diesel Saloon project with you guys. I hope we get the pleasure to do some more tunes.


Barefoot Music
08/30/17 04:47:36AM @barefoot-music-group:
Hi Farrell.
Fascinating lyric concept. You compliment the lyrics perfectly with your driving melody and your vocals. Sounds like you had fun recording this.


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