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Mean Irma

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genre: Americana
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  Song Lyrics
Mean IrmaOh mean IrmaLeave my friends aloneMean, mean IrmaLeave my friends aloneYou might be big and strongBut it's time for you to move alongOh mean...
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A song in empathy to all those affected by the terrible hurricane, Irma. I awoke in the middle of the night on Monday 9-10-17  with the music, melody, lyric...
Mean Irma
Farrell Jackson
10/05/17 12:31:53PM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks Carol Sue and Bob! Irma was bad one......


carol sue
09/18/17 12:36:05PM @carol-sue:
*****Love it!***** :)
Farrell Jackson
09/17/17 10:18:09AM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks for listening Tricia and for the good words! I never know what genre a song will be until it's done. Then I pick one, lol. I feel for all those good folks in Florida that are starting the task of rebuilding their lives now that Irma is gone. She was a mean one...........
Farrell Jackson
09/14/17 10:32:54AM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks Robert, I'm glad you like it ! That means a lot coming from a fine guitarist as yourself.


09/14/17 10:09:26AM @robert-smith:
Great! Love the tune. The harmonica is great , the guitars too.
Farrell Jackson
09/13/17 10:06:48AM @farrell-jackson:
I thank you kindly David, Moe and Toni ! I've not been to Florida Toni to know their sound but bluegrass is closely related to most music styles....so I'll bask in that thought. Thanks all!


Barefoot Music
09/13/17 08:16:57AM @barefoot-music-group:
Farrell wow! You certainly brought both our collective thoughts about that Mean Irma but you also did it in the style I have come to think of as that Floridian sound After two years of visiting FL and being immersed in the music there I hear an authentic sound in this song that I'd say compliments your lyrics brilliantly. Love that Bluegrass vibe and the harp is just killer.
09/12/17 09:44:28PM @moquinn:
Yeah! That's tellin' her ~ kick her ass on outta here!!!! Great Song, Farrell
09/12/17 08:00:06PM @david-c-deal:
Fantastic Farrell. I love the harmonies on this.. bluegrass flavor..


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