Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson

The Pendulum's Swing ( feat. Alain Levesque drums)

album: Jaxonville
genre: Easy Rock
streams: 80
creation date: 2018-07-11

  Song Lyrics
Too far to the left......too far to the right...makes me want to scream Too far to the left......too far to the right....stops the pendulum's swing If the...
  Song Information
A song from my Jaxonville Silver CD. Re-mastered by LANDR and with Alain L's drums. The lyric subject seems as appropriate today as it did when I wrote them...
The Pendulum's Swing ( feat. Alain Levesque drums)
Gary Dabrowski
08/08/18 03:12:06PM @gary-dabrowski:
I like it Farrell!...looks like you hafta do kinda the same as me as far as we gotta play all the parts in the 'band' and do the harmonies too!...guess it makes us musically stronger...you sure do sound like a whole band...in my case I don't know any musicians that aren't many miles away...
07/19/18 08:30:09AM @ronbowes:
Heard this on the mix radio last night. Cool upbeat and catchy. Squeeze vibe.
07/14/18 06:25:08PM @wricky:
This is great on so many levels , the music is well tailored to the theme and that last sentance in the lyrical hook is so powerful in a subtle kind of way..a piece of thinking music, without taking sides, hard to do nowadays,lol, common sense never goes out of style and you are right , just as relevant today ( if not more haha) Excellent in all ways ~cheers!
carol sue
07/13/18 09:19:28AM @carol-sue:
Farrell Jackson~ One of the best one man bands!
Wonderful song and performance, much enjoyed!!


07/11/18 01:25:30PM @tlt50:
Yes......the ride is becoming out of control. Thank goodness for music, which does keep me somewhat sane. Excellent tune Farrell, great songwriting, performances, and production.Outstanding vocals and harmonica...........superb in every way. ***** :)

Larry T.


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