Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson

P.C. Blues (acoustic and vox version)

album: N/A
genre: Acoustic Blues
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  Song Lyrics
V1My baby thinks I'm lazyHer naggin' is  drivin' me crazyShe says "Shut down that computer""It's going to get you neutered"She thinks it's rather sadI say...
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This is raw one off demo that I did right after I wrote P.C. Blues. It's just me and my acoustic recorded so I wouldn't forget the song and licks. I liked...
P.C. Blues (acoustic and vox version)
Farrell Jackson
09/01/21 09:01:21AM @farrell-jackson:
fun song man-great acousti sound

Thanks @firecircle !

08/31/21 11:46:07AM @firecircle:
fun song man-great acousti sound
Farrell Jackson
08/28/21 09:37:37AM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks all @twank-whelan, @queen-regina, and @pb-longfoot !
PB Longfoot
08/27/21 11:57:39PM @pb-longfoot:
Great tone and vocals.

Queen Regina
08/27/21 11:07:53PM @queen-regina:
Oh @Farrell-Jackson this is a really fun one. Witty, gritty, & getting down to it. Afflicted, addicted, .... oh yes. #QueenReginaPickHit Love 💘 ❤ this! Smiles #Humor
Twank Whelan
08/27/21 03:48:44PM @twank-whelan:
Ha ha, great lyric! Slick work with that acoustic but what really shines is the vocal spinning this tale :)


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