Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson

I Can't Love Short Version (Joseph & Farrell)

album: N/A
genre: Blues
streams: 40
creation date: 2023-03-13

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Joseph and I wanted to do a Led Zep style slow blues and this is what materialized. This version has been trimmed from 8 to 4 minutes for Mixposure radio. We...
I Can't Love Short Version (Joseph & Farrell)
Gary Dabrowski
03/18/23 01:00:14PM @gary-dabrowski:
back to the blues...love it!
Bill B
03/13/23 11:49:37PM @bill-b:
Worked great as nostalgia in my ears guys.
Took me back almost to the days of Gallows Pole up LOUD on the "Big Stereo" with everyone half cut trying to sing at the same time. I mean that in a good way. Nice Job.


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