Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson

Running To You (Lorne & Farrell)

album: TBD
genre: Lorne and Farrell Rock
streams: 23
creation date: 2023-10-01

  Song Lyrics
Running to you (Farrell Jackson © 12-16-19) Like a horse to the barn, a fireman to an alarm Like a farmer to the farm, a believer in a...
  Song Information
A crossover song Lorne and I wrote. Credits:  Lorne - Music, drums, guitars & 1st solo, bass, production. Farrell - All vocals, lyric, 2nd guitar solo...
Running To You (Lorne & Farrell)
Eric Saitz
10/20/23 04:55:59PM @eric-lee-saitz:
Sounding great right from the first note. Your voice is so good here. I can hear that you really got into. Lorne you create some fantastic music and your colabs are some of the best on the site.
PS I finally got to hear your interview on YouTube :) This is one excellent track.

Farrell Jackson
10/04/23 01:46:57PM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks Bill! The unexpectedness is the cool thing that happens with collaborations...you never know where the song will travel. @bill-b
Bill B
10/03/23 05:24:47PM @bill-b:
Very cool song! I I surely like the trippy heaviness that flows into the arrangement eventually. The unexpectedness adds a subtle contrast and a bit of suspenseful feel. An enjoyable listen. Great job.


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