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So Little Time To Fly

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genre: Classic Rock
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creation date: 2024-01-05

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Here's an obscure song by Spirit that I've always liked, called So Little Time To Fly. It's off their 1969 album called "Clear". I play and sing it all in my...
So Little Time To Fly
02/12/24 10:03:53AM @lodato:
First off, love the riff on the acoustic! Bass is keeping very cool beats while that slide is very nice addition! Vocals, everything is musical and well balanced.
01/13/24 08:51:20AM @wricky:
a very fine listen , your singing parts always have a quality that suits the work , I liked the slide git lingering around there too.
Farrell Jackson
01/12/24 09:52:32AM @farrell-jackson:
good stuff farrell, great vocal and harmonies, your style works really well with this, these songs are timeless, back in the day remember doing mr skin in one of our sets
Thanks Ed for the good words! Mr. Skin is a cool song from Spirit's 12 dreams of Dr. Sardonicus album. I would have loved to see you gigging it! @waveman.

01/11/24 08:04:39PM @waveman:
good stuff farrell, great vocal and harmonies, your style works really well with this, these songs are timeless, back in the day remember doing mr skin in one of our sets
Farrell Jackson
01/07/24 10:58:32AM @farrell-jackson:
I really appreciate you all taking the time to listen and to post the good comments on my rendition of this Spirit song "So Little Time To Fly". One never knows which song will strike that "feel good" vibe with listeners. Thanks all @slippy-t, @moequinn, @tristynleach !!!
01/07/24 09:48:00AM @tristynleach:
it defiantly has that 60's feel to it writing wise, don't know it but i like this, very good production and recording, has a real good easy going feel to it and flow, nice harmony and music
01/06/24 10:22:14PM @moequinn:
I love this song
just downloaded
cover song ....my kind of song...high spirited...feel good song

01/06/24 10:31:28AM @slippy-t:
Thanks for checking in my song, much appreciated. I remember Spirit, the album the 12 dreams of Dr. Sardonicus, early seventies. I had a listen to the original version taken from the album clear. Have to say I really love your version.
Farrell Jackson
01/06/24 09:19:41AM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks everyone for the kind words on my cover of this vintage Spirit song @mizieya, @tony-cee, @spaceboy, @bad-love-junkie, @rob-grant, @gary-dabrowski !
Gary Dabrowski
01/05/24 06:32:28PM @gary-dabrowski:
Excellent!...I remember the band Spirit form 'back then', but I didn't listen to them much (not because they weren't good, I just didn't)...so this song I never heard before...sounds good to me!
Rob Grant
01/05/24 05:51:12PM @rob-grant:
Don't remember the song, but....GREAT Song. You really do sound at your top on this. Great harmonies. Love your guitar work. You're a darn good bass player, too. BRAVO, Bud!!
01/05/24 04:29:16PM @bad-love-junkie:
Hi Farell. I have to also admit I have never heard the original. I like the upbeat vibe/production of the song. Your voice sounds so good and those harmonies a sugar sweet :) I will have to check out the original.

bill b
01/05/24 03:42:00PM @:
Spirit its been ages...and ages...nice job!
tony cee
01/05/24 03:01:22PM @tony-cee:
brilliant cover farrell , never heard this before , but sounds great , fantastic vocals and backing vocals , brill all throughout , or as we say where i come from in the midlands england its bloody bostin , complement .....cheers farrell ......tony cee
01/05/24 02:50:40PM @mizieya:
i like it not heard the song before but im guessing your perfprmance is true to the song. very uplifting and loving the harmonics vocally and guitars


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