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The reason I review songs

user image 2017-10-27
By: Farrell Jackson
Posted in: Song Reviews

I've been thinking about the song reviews I do at Mixposure. If you've heard the songs I write and the collaborations I get involved with, you'll most likely agree that my interest in music styles and genres varies greatly. So it follows the same road when I choose songs to review. On average, I review approximately 1.1 songs a day according the Mixposure statistics that are shown on the Community/New Songs pages. That's not an extraordinary amount by no means but do know that I listen to many more songs than that.

If I hear something in a song I like then I'll leave a comment......if I don't, I won't. The comment/s might  be just a few words or a more detailed analysis of what I like about the song. I believe artists appreciate even a comment like "good song!". It let's them know someone is listening to their creativity and hard work it took to take a song from nothing and to the point of posting it up.

I suppose the real reason I'm writing this blog is to let you know if you get a comment from me, however slight, it's an honest comment. I'm not shining you on or trying to boost my review numbers. There's nothing to gain by doing that. I'm leaving the words because something in your song caught my ear, struck a note, and made me feel. I think/hope you would like to know your effort paid off and hasn't fallen by the wayside....even if it's just a micro encouragement from someone you don't even know.  

My ramble for this morning...............I need to back off the caffeine...........

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