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Restless Mind - Farrell Jackson - Buddrumming

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Duration: 00:04:15
Restless Mind - Farrell Jackson - vocals - guitars - instruments - Buddrumming - drums - percussion

very nice production again Bud, everything is very live sounding like you're all in the room jamming and I like that, a lot of headroom not too much compression very wide mix, great performances from all, truly a great track, five stars. - Big Pete

Restless mind nights.
Is there any other kind?
I can't find the off switch these days LOL...

Well as always,the vocals are spot on in the harmonies.
Beautiful tone to the acoustic,and well,all the usual omg phrases that we all know so well. ....I prefer to concentrate on MUSIC.....How does the song sit,how do I feel with it?
Well to be honest,I wuoldn't play it late at night, because that chrous would only get stuck on repeat play in the head.... It's a fragile little song with some rather nifty passages on the acoustic,specialy mid section,you were running up and down the neck chord wise there :) .... It is a lullabye of sorts,but it's more a feeling of the morning after when you relaise you gotta go another 18 hours before TRYING to sleep again.
And oh my,how long those hours are and how hard it is to stay awake,yet as bedtime approaches...Wide awake :)... Beautiful little song Farrell,as usual,it got me thinking LOL - Nigel (Luca Wulf)

Farrell...wow man! Really nice job on this song! Your acoustic guitars sounds awesome with cool electric leads...and your vocals are killer as always! Bud...Great job on the drums here...Enjoyed this song very much! -Gary (Rocker)

Buddrumming and I have been wanting to collab on a song for a while now. I happened to have an unfinished mellow acoustic song called restless Mind that needed some drums or percussions. I asked Bud if he could do anything with this song in the drummimg area and what he came back with was excellent! He even threw in some percussions as icing on the cake. Thanks Bud!

About the lyric: It's about those sleepless nights when one's mind just will not shut down.....those Restless Mind nights....we've all had them...so I wrote about it. - Farrell Jackson

"Restless Mind" written by Farrell Jackson
Produced, engineered and mixed by: Farrell Jackson
Jaxonville Studio 2009 (California, U.S.A.)


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