Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson
Farrell Jackson

Pardon my Dust country rockin with Farrell Jackson

Category: Music
Duration: 00:03:55
Farrell Jackson - songwriter, all vocals, all guitars, harmonica, and co-production/mix- DrC - Organ and production/mix - Bilbozo - banjo and violin additions - Rob Grant - Bass -Buddrumming - drums, drum engineering

My goal was to keep this song's sound from leaning too much in the country direction and to keep it middle of the road. I wanted a combination of Americana Rock/Country Rock/Folk Rock. So I figured the best way to do this was to ask for help from my friends. As you can see from the line up that none of us are really from the country side of music. In that respect, I think it worked. My highest praise and thanks goes out to all these fine musicians, DrC, Rob Grant, Buddrumming, and Bilbozo, that participated in this song. But I really want to thank DrC for his outstanding production and mix work and ideas. I'd also like to personally thank Bud for the excellent drums and song ad design. All these gentlemen helped me reach my goal. I'm calling this song's genre crossover.

About the lyric: It's about a love relationship that has gone bad. It's presented from a one sided, male point of view but they're really both part of the un-fixable problem. The trash is being taken out....Thanks Bud for putting those fantastic real drums to my song! There's no question at all that you are truly a pro drummer in every way.....also the song's ad design that you've created is top notch! Thanks friend! ... I hope you enjoy my song and Pardon My Dust! - Farrell Jackson

I would really like to thank all the boyz workin on this tune... I finnally got to do a tune with Rob Grant...amazing bass player.... Farrell has said it all .... Bilbozo is always fun to work in the studio with also...this was a fun collab to do ... DrC always lays down great tinkling of the keys...Farrell is such a great song writer if u were to ask me...yep ...Pardon my Dust....Thx, Buddrumming


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