Michael Slider
Michael Slider
Michael Slider

Its Not That I Dont Love You

album: Single
genre: Blues/Rock
streams: 147

Its Not That I Dont Love You
Michael Slider
12/15/21 04:43:08PM @michael-slider:
Thank you @barbarakochowicz:
12/15/21 03:06:15PM @barbarakochowicz:
great vocal Michael!
Michael Slider
11/18/21 11:40:20AM @michael-slider:
Thank you Eric, Melani, Rich and Twank !
11/14/21 11:31:12AM @bad-love-junkie:
Hey Michael. You have a very expressive vocal style that is made to sing the blues. Really enjoyed

Melani Cholie
11/13/21 10:06:59AM @melani-cholie:
very nice.I like the vocals. come a bit like Neil Young!
11/13/21 07:13:25AM @lodato:
Nice intro. This is chill on a chilly day. You're full of good surprises.
Twank Whelan
11/12/21 03:25:38PM @twank-whelan:
I like these passionate vocals, great lyric to work with! Nice guitar too, some sweet breaks :)


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